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Sowing the Seeds of Warrigal Greens...

Updated: Nov 27, 2019


Word origin

[1840–50; ‹ Dharuk wa-ri-gal wild dingo]

Warrigal Greens Tetragonia tetragonioides is also known as New Zealand spinach, Botany Bay spinach, sea spinach, native spinach and grows on the east coast of Australia, New Zealand, Japan, Argentina and Chile. You can read more and purchase seed and plants at Tucker Bush.

My warrigal green plants have been prolifically producing seeds so I thought I would share them with friends. I've packaged them up in compostable bags and popped them in the post today. They are fast growers and in the right conditions can be ready for harvest in 6 weeks.

This native Australian edible plant is easy to grow and survives during periods of neglect. The large, diamond shaped leaves can be plucked and blanched and used just as you would any type of spinach. It contains oxalates, as many other spinach does, and therefore should be blanched quickly or cooked before eating. It is a great addition to stir-frys, pasta dishes, as a substitute for just about any spinach dish. The flavour is comparable, but with a mineral aftertaste. It is becoming a restaurant favourite and you can try some at home by purchasing fresh warrigal greens from a green grocer or farmer's market. Read more HERE.

Kirsten Bradley of Milkwood Permaculture explains how to wild forage, grow and harvest warrigal greens on their webpage HERE with links to further resources. I have used their photo on the right as my plants have not been watered and are not as luscious looking as those in this pic.

For all those that receive the seeds in the post from me in the next few days, enjoy growing this versatile native food and please share your harvest and the seeds you grow with your friends and family.

We are all in this together!

Sonia Ghiggioli

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