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Australian Organically Grown Gourmet Vanilla Pods for Sale...

Vanilla Bean Pods

Using the skills I learnt in commercial winemaking and cheesemaking, I have cured my organically grown vanilla bean pods with traditional methods. They require a sweat/dry process over numerous days to turn the bright green pods slowly into a rich chocolate colour, and then to dry them in a timber box to produce the amazing aromas and flavour that only slow cured vanilla can give you.

The good news is that these premium pods are now available for sale! I am selling A-Grade pods in 2 sizes, 11-13cm (in a reusable vial) and 14-16cm (without a vial) @ $12.95 each. I can post throughout Australia.

I also have a handful of larger B Grade pods that have splits, but are perfect for home baking or where the look of the pod is not as important to you. These are @ $6.00 each.

Sonia Ghiggioli

Barefoot FarmHer


'These vanilla beans are the best quality vanilla beans I have ever seen, smelt and used. The regular supermarket options just don't compare. If you care about quality ingredients then look no further.'

Brooke Summerville from Eco Parents Australia

Vanilla Pods

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