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Artisan Vanilla Bean Pods - Only 8 left...

Australian Vanilla Bean Pods

My hand pollinated, hand harvested and traditionally cured organically grown vanilla bean pods are ready for sale. I posted a picture on facebook a couple of nights ago and there was overwhelming interest, so much so that they have almost all been sold. I do have 6 single pods in a glass test tube left at $12.95 each, and 2 pods in the one test tube at $23.95.

Due to the long process of growing the vanilla beans and the artisan nature of curing them, the quality is high. The aromas are out of this world, and they are locked in a glass vial to ensure their quality and longevity.

I can post these out to Australians, with a postage cost of $8.30 to most places.

In addition I have 13 bottles of 1 year old Vanilla Extract left. The bottles have a swing top and contain 50ml of this amazingly rich extract. They cannot be posted as I do not want to risk leakage, but I am able to deliver them on my weekly travels from the Capricornia region to Agnes Water.

Vanilla Extract

There are many uses for pure natural vanilla pods, and with the festive season approaching it is time to experiment with baking and other culinary delights.

If you would like to order any pods or extract, please email me at sonia@barefootfarmher.com.au

Stay tuned to other artisan products available soon by signing up to my BLOG.


Sonia Ghiggioli

Vanilla Bean Pods

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