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What Happened to Rachel McLean?

As a creative I have a head full of ideas and a few projects on the go at once. When I finish one, I am sure to be at the beginning of another. This month has been an especially fulfilling month as we have settled into a little cottage and I have been completing tasks I set for myself some time ago. My crochet lace mermaid skirt was the highlight for the month, but I have also made camembert, feta, pickled eggs, bottled vanilla extract and finished the curing process of the organically grown vanilla bean pods.

My Australian Foods of Provenance cookbook is still being drafted so while I have a little spare time I decided to get a fiction novel underway.

It is called What Happened to Rachel McLean?

It is a story about any of us. It touches on life experiences that some/most of us have been through. It draws on many emotions and will be a read you do not want to put down.

All feedback so far has been exceptionally positive. So much so, I won't be offering any more chapters to read, except to an editor.

I am 12,000 words in from a 300 page book, that's 15% of the way through. I have some more 'free' time over the festive season and will focus on sipping wine on the deck overlooking the ocean, and writing. If you would like to keep up to date with how I am progressing, be the first to be notified of the release date or otherwise support me, please sign up to my BLOG www.barefootfarmer.com.au

Happy Festive Season ALL!!!

Sonia Ghiggioli

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