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Letting Go...and the adventure that awaits you!

There comes a time in your life when everything just pulls together. You no longer need to push and prod and fight. Some call it synchronicity, others call it kismet.

I made a life changing decision, it was a gamble and into a new frontier my three children and I went. We had the clothes on our back and a ute with a suitcase each and we ventured forth into the unknown. As it has turned out we chose the most supportive and compassionate community akin to our ethos.

We arrived on Friday afternoon at our exquisite apartments and by Sunday we were out meeting the good folk of the Community Garden. It is in it's infancy with perennials (low care species) and not the vibrant vegetable growing garden we were used to and anticipated. Never-the-less we met the soul of the gardens, the beautiful Tegan Poustie from Habitat Property Maintenance in Agnes Water and chief cook and bottlewasher of her organic market garden complete with mixed species of livestock and a couple of cheeky kids. We knew straight away we were kindred spirits and within a couple of days I was introduced to the gorgeous Shelley Clements of Herbal Zest Bulk Organic Produce, the co-founder of an amazing collaborative Earth Ship and organic garden. Over a long lunch with wine and local produce the food system in our region was mapped out and I gained a good perspective of who grows what, who supplies who, and how the local food economy worked. Simple, grassroots coordination - I felt like I was at home!

Wasn't long and I was attending an ethical movie on climate change with Amber Walker-Lowcock of Sol Foods, rather than follow the annual Melbourne Cup Race Day. This region was shaping up to be exactly the place I want to grow my children in!

With surf school organised for the kids, a new skateboard and a few pairs of togs for all of us, we assimilated into this new environment easily. We all notice the smiles on people's faces, and the holiday carefree atmosphere amongst locals and travellers alike. We have learned to slow down, to explore our natural environment and participate and support as many local businesses as possible.

We have since moved to a 4 acre tropical organic farm that we have deep love and respect for. What is most exciting and inspirational for me is the knowledge, diversity and willingness of semi-urban, semi-rural and rural farmers to use spray free methods of farming, increase biodiversity and to share knowledge, produce and seeds/seedlings. Permaculture is not a dirty word here, it is studied and well understood and supported.

We are home <3

Sonia Ghiggioli - The Barefoot FarmHer

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