• Sonia Ghiggioli

Thinking Christmas Yet? Here is a gift sure to put a smile on your face...

Tasha Armour, a girlfriend that I have known since we were young teenagers shared a facebook page with me today, and I was delighted to flick through the pics and have a good hearty Christmas cheer chuckle out loud. The pics not only tickled my wicked Christmassy humour, but the tags also complement a gift of alcohol perfectly, sure to bring a smile to those lucky enough to receive it.

Take a look at the following pics and have a good laugh yourself, then pop on over to Tash's website and order some - SILLY TAGS

Here's my favourite, the champagne may have something to do with it ;)

And some more timber, reusable gift tags. They are ideal for Xmas tree decorations for years to come...

PS Some are crass, so please read on only if you possess a twisted sense of humour!

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