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Up for a challenge... Laps for Life

I am always a person who is up for a challenge, and with my recent experience supporting mostly men through some dark and overwhelming situations there was no better challenge for me than to join with swimmers across Australia for Laps for Life. The program was founded through the Australian Reach Out organisation and with the likes of Ian Thorpe at the helm, we are are raising awareness for Youth Suicide. The aim is prevention, and using socially innovative ideas to assist our youth in reaching out when they are experiencing difficult times. There's a huge stigma surrounding mental health, and many people do not know where to turn. The money raised from the Laps for Life challenge will go towards peer to peer youth forums in mental health, tools and support in more high schools, and provide self help tools for positive mental health.

"Sadly, 1 in 4 young people is living with a mental health challenge in Australia, and suicide is still the leading cause of death for young people - more than cancer or car accidents. The money you raise by taking part in Laps for Life will help ReachOut support young people through anything from everyday issues to tough times.
Believe it or not, 7 out of 10 young people living with a mental health issue do not get help. Stigma and lack of understanding are leaving young people to cope alone. But we can do something to help.
By fundraising for ReachOut, you are raising critical funds so we can continue to help young Australians each and every day. Every dollar that you raise, and every person that you share your  Laps for Life journey with, helps us get that much closer to our goal of helping all young people be happy and well."

My challenge goal is to swim 20km freestyle in pools around the Rockhampton and Capricornia Coast regions and to raise $200. I would be exceptionally happy to raise more for this important cause.

Since arriving here I have been swimming laps at a variety of pools such as the CQU sports facility pool, the Southside Memorial Pool, Cooee Bay public pool and when it is not school holidays or weekends, the Yeppoon Lagoon. There are many other swimming options from 25 to 50m pools that are both indoor and outdoor in this region so finding a place to swim is easy. I will be swimming the laps throughout the month of March and each lap adds to my distance.

There's a group challenge of $2,000 and people can join that by using my link at Laps for Life HERE.

I received my first generous donation of $50 yesterday and that puts me in 167th place on the leaderboard. I know we can do better!

You can make a donation by clicking my Laps for Life link HERE.

Wish me all the best!

Sonia Ghiggioli

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