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What an Amazing Day - Art on a Sunday...

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I have been hosting groups and events in earnest since I became a winemaker a few years ago. It is a large part of the winemaking role to educate people with anecdotes and quality information. I always feel I am not good at public speaking as self doubt creeps in, but last Sunday was an easy couple of hours spent with amazing and talented guests, our Resident Artist Bob Kingsley Gammage, Restaurateur Melissa Neumann, and Chef Jay at Codie's Place in Agnes Water. and the tireless staff behind the scenes.

The art tuition was impressive, as each guest was invited to select their favourite colour of acrylic paint to use as their background before moving onto a contrasting colour (and usually one that the artist does not particularly like) to add vibrancy, movement and emotion to the artwork. Once these two opposite colours were used our guests were given a topic each to paint in whichever style of art they liked.

By this stage we were well into our third course of tapas, pork belly and our French blend wine to match. It was apparent that wine and food was a source of creativity as the artists became more confident and free in their own talent.

Codie's Place Scallops in Malibu Lime Reduction

Bob taught the artists relational perspective and shading and they were encouraged to add both elements of design into their artworks. The canvases started to become very interesting.

The food kept flowing while the canvasses dried in the salt air and sunlight and Chef Jay's Scallops in Malibu Lime Reduction was taking the lead as the group's favourite! It can be seen pictured here and I encourage you to try it next time you are at Codie's Place for a meal.

The final touches and signatures were put on the paintings, with Bob counting down to the moment all artists were to stop. With only a 2 hour window for this event, the food, wine and art tuition timing was impeccable.

Please enjoy the short candid video below of myself Sonia Ghiggioli and Chef Jay discussing tapas and wine choices for the day.

The photo gallery is of the three local business collaborators, guests, artwork, food and wine.

A huge thank you to Melissa and staff at Codie's Place, Bob Kingsley Gammage (House of TOLA) and artists for making this unique event in Agnes Water Queensland a pleasure to host!

The tapas courses and wine to complement them are listed below:

* Cheesy French Baguette - Deep Woods, Margaret River Rose 2017

* Seared Scallops in Creamy Malibu, Chilli and Lime Reduction - Yalumba Y Series Vermentino 2014

* Twice Cooked Crispy Pork Belly with Spiced Sweet Corn Puree and Chilli Glaze - Les Gemarelles Cotes-du-Rhone 2013

* Garlic Chilli Tiger Prawns - Cantine Maschio, Treviso Prosecco

* Panfried House Made Gnocchi with Jalapeno, Chilli, Spanish Onion and Shaved Parmesan - Nanny Goat Vineyard, Central Otago Pinot Noir 2016

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