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Exclusive Release - 1 Year Aged Queensland Organically Grown Pure Vanilla Extract

I am so very excited to announce the release of my small batch aged vanilla extract. I am proud of the aroma and flavour of this unique artisan product, due to the twelve month ageing process. At the Discovery Coast in Queensland the organically grown vanilla flowers were hand pollinated in October and November of 2016, hand harvested in August 2017, the pods were traditionally cured for a couple of months then steeped for over a year to form this rich, flavoursome quality extract. It is non filtered and you may find vanilla seeds in each bottle.

The batch size is so small that I have a limited number of bottles, and would like expressions of interest for them. I am unable to post them out, but travel quite a bit through QLD if you are interested in arranging a delivery.

My email is sonia@barefootfarmher.com.au

Heading into Christmas, I am thinking about what delights I can bake. Our family have our favourites such as cassata made from scratch and fig and rocket salad. We are still travelling so I am not sure what I will come up with this year for my family, but I do know it will showcase the unique flavours of my pure vanilla extract.

I may try both of the following recipes from Australia's iconic food writer, Maggie Beer. The lamingtons recipe is made with pure vanilla extract and the panna cotta with fig vino-cotto is made with plump vanilla pods.

Luckily I will release my A-Grade vanilla pods well before Christmas, the very moment they are at their optimum, in approximately 1-2 weeks.

Below are links to Maggie Beer's recipes to try out your pure vanilla extract or plump vanilla pods.

Maggie's Lamingtons - Maggie Beer


Vanilla Bean Panna Cotta with Fig Vino Cotto - Maggie Beer



Sonia Ghiggioli - the Barefoot FarmHer

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